Posting texts to your website is a great way to increase traffic and monetize your website. We decided to add the ability to post texts from our advertisers and help our partners better monetize their online resource.

How to work with text ads

Last updated on May 25, 2022

Just a couple of minutes and you can make money from advertisers' texts.

The setup algorithm is very simple:
  1. Search for advertisers who offer text ads in their offers. All this is done in the "Offers" section. In it, we click on the "Filter" button and in the "Link Types" block, select "Text/Email". If necessary, adjust the rest of the filter fields and click on "Search". Then among the list of suggested advertisers choose the right one and add them to yourself.
  2. You can start to work with the texts of an advertiser when they're in your "My advertisers" list with the status "Accepted". To do this, go to the "Link Generator" section and select "Texts".
  3. You've just got to click on the desired advertiser, and then go over the texts in the catalog.
  4. Next, you'll want to create a text ad. To do this, just enter your ad name in the "Creative" field and click on "Create" next to Text.
  5. Next, the code is generated, which appears a little lower on the same page. You have several types of placement to choose from: sending to social networks, downloading, sending to e-mail, but the most effective is placing the text on your own website. To do this you need to click on the button. As a result, you will get a pop-up window with the text and html-code, which should be inserted into your web resource.

The text also automatically generates deep links. This enables visitors to your website to go to a desired page on the advertiser's site. And when these visitors makes a purchase in the online store after they transition from your online resource, you get commission on this sale. 

Tips for working with texts in the Affpool system

Here are some guidelines for pasting texts:
  1. Share the text message in social networks using our buttons for instant placement directly in the social networks (to do this, connect in the "Socials" section of your account settings), or copy it using our popup window and paste it into all the necessary social networks.
  2. We recommend using the button "Copy HTML" and paste the copied code to a previously prepared page of your website. This way, you will paste the entire text including the html layout that we've specified for you. If for any reason you don't manage to insert the html version of the text on your site, then just add regular text manually by using the button "Copy Text".
  3. If you plan to place some text on your website, we recommend that you place each of these texts on a separate page, for example, in the "Blog" section or the like. This page should correspond to the design of the whole site, be indexed fully and be easy to find from any page of your site through the menu. Additionally, we recommend that you place an image with excellent quality in the beginning of the article with alt and title tags for images, as well as add the title and description meta tags for this particular page.

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