Beyond Custom Iframe, our team created another useful tool called Smart Placement.

What is Smart Placement and how it works

Last updated on May 25, 2022

If you've ever seen a block of ads on some website with promoted products from some shopping site. With our Smart Placement tool, you can create similar ad units for your own website as well to increase your profits from it.

To start using this tool you need to go to the subsection "Smart Placement" of the "Link" tab.


Important! Before you start working with the tool, make sure that you have connected your advertisers in the "Offers" section.

To create a smart placement, you have to first select an advertiser from the list (in case you have more than one), and enter the name of the creative. For example, let's take the advertiser AliExpress and name the creative "Ali1".


You can also configure additional fields in this filter (minimum amount, commission, etc.), if necessary.

Next is to configure the set of elements to show in the ad unit.

For this we need:
  1. Select a category (for example, "Home & Garden").
  2. Select a subcategory or a main category from the list that opens. Here you can select either one or more subcategories, or one or more main categories.
  3. Select your categories from the sidebar on the left. Then click the "Connect" button and check in the window on the right what subcategories are selected. If some sub-categories are not needed, you only need to select the necessary sub-categories and click on the "Exclude" button.  
  4. Important! It is possible to connect not only from one category, but also from several. To do this, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.
  5. Next, select the desired display mode - in the form of scrolling or carousel (for example, choose scrolling).
  6. Then select the ad block size. You can choose one of the 3 suggested sizes or specify your size by selecting "Custom size".
  7. The next step will be to specify the number of characters for the title. For now we will set 10, but you can set any number.
  8. Note! Additionally, if necessary, you can choose the color of the header, price and specify the width of the picture. But remember that the width affects the appearance of an ad and its future income, so be careful not to change it unnecessarily.

  9. The last step is to see how the ad unit will look like on your website by clicking on the "Preview" button.
  10. deep

If everything suits you, then click on the "Save" above to confirm your settings. If this is not the case, then edit the settings to your desired result.

After saving, an iframe-code is generated, which should be inserted into the prepared in advance place.


If for some reason you need to make changes to the ad block, then you only need to click on the button.

Important! After you generate the iframe code, we strongly recommend that you check the functionality of the deep links of the created ad unit. Also, if necessary, you can remove a specific deep link using the button.


Note! The amount of money earned will be displayed in the "Commission" column for each diplink, and the total amount in the "Commission" column.


That's how you can get a profitable ad unit, which can significantly increase the profitability of your Internet portal.

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