Let's start with the earning tools from our affiliate marketing service, Affpool. The first tool we'll take apart is the Deep Link.

See a Diplink in action

Last updated on May 05, 2022

Deeplinks are hyperlinks that quickly go to a particular page of the site. For example, you blog about Spring-Summer 2023 fashion and when describing an evening gown, you insert this Deep Link that leads to the page where that evening gown is sold. With the help of your Deep Link, your readers go directly to that product page and you in turn see the clicks and sales commissions to your blog, as Deep Link monetizes your blog.

Deep links are used in a variety of places.
  • in the text for quick transition between pages;
  • on banners;
  • in QR codes, etc.

Deep Link work like any other links, but they also collect statistics on conversions. This allows you to see which referrals convert more customers depending on where you shared them.

Creating a deep link using Affpool is an easy step by step process

To create a diplink, you must first make sure that you have at least one connected advertiser. This can be done by going to the section "Offers" item "My advertisers". Status of the advertiser must be "accepted".


Next, when you're sure that the ad networks are connected, you should go to the settings for your Deep Link in the app. To do this, just go to the "Links" subsection "Deep Link" in the app.

You can make diplinks in two ways:
  1. Single Link.

    The first thing you need to set up to create a deep link is to specify the name of the creative. This information will be available only to you and the system mods.

    After signing up you can then choose an advertiser from the list of connected (in our case it is AliExpress). You can filter by country.

    Next, we need to specify the link in the "URL" from the advertiser's site. Let's do it together. Clicking on it will take you to the Internet resource of the advertiser in a new tab of your browser. There you will need to select the page to which Deep Link will lead and copy it into the "URL" field.

    For example, let's take the link to the page "Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max" and Paste this into Affpool system.

    Important!The URL of the page must be copied completely without changes, as it is in the address bar of the browser. In our case, the link will look like this:


    When everything is filled in, click on "Create links" and wait for the creation to finish.


    When you create the Deep Link, you'll have information with the Deep Link, a short link, and a percentage of the commission you will receive when the interested user buys the product on the transition from your site.


    The next step is to insert this link to your online resource. We want to stress that the term "online resource" includes not only the website but also pages or groups on social networks. How to connect your website or account in the social networks, read more on our blog.

    To add Deep Link, go to the "Iframes & Deeplinks" block and click the button .


    Here, as you can see, there are boxes such as "Deep Link", "Shorten Link" ​​and "Clicks". The last two are just above. The information in them changes as the statistics are updated. For example, if someone clicks on your link, then in the appropriate block the number will change immediately after the page is updated in the system "Affpool". This is how it works when someone buys a product through your affiliate link. Only in this case the statistics will be updated in the "Commission" field .

    The "Deep Link" block lists all the quick ways to post this diplink on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. In addition, you can also send the link to your email or


    Important! Before publishing always check the formed Deep Link on the workability otherwise income from them may not be, since the advertiser may disable the page on his site, or disconnect from our service.

    Now let's talk about publishing a deep link on your site. You can do it in many different ways, but the most effective way is to insert a link in the text or impose a picture. As a picture is recommended to take a high quality image, preferably from the advertiser's portal. Also, the picture and text should show the essence of the link. In other words, don't take a picture or text with flowers if the link leads to household appliances or anything else. As for the text, it's even easier to work with. You just need to choose a specific section of text (2-3 words that characterize the link) and put a link to it.

  2. Multiple Links

    Here the setting is almost the same as in the previous paragraph, minus the fact that here you can add not one, but a number of links at once. Everything else is the same.


    After you click on the "Create Links" button, all of our links will receive their diplinks and short links, which will make them more readable.


That's how easy, and most importantly effective, it can be to set up advertising with diplinks and start earning money. Now let's go make some money!

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