So, you have successfully registered in Affpool as a webmaster (affiliate) and now it's time to choose your advertisers, with whose ads you will work.

How to connect an advertiser's offer

Last updated on May 25, 2022

It only takes a few minutes to add advertisers. To get started, go to the "Offers" section in the left menu.


Here you have a whole list of categories, each of which has a list of advertisers divided into subsections.


In addition, you can choose advertisers from the general list in the “Advertisers” section.

Note: Select advertisers from the "Categories" item (previous screenshot) in one of the categories, and then you will also be taken to the "Advertisers" tab, where you will find a list of advertisers who will meet your request.


For convenience in choosing, we have created a special filter with which you can filter advertisers by category, country, types of advertising, newness added to our system, etc.


For example, let's add some advertisers from the "Gifts and Flowers" category that offer their services in the Netherlands.

To do this, perform the following steps:
  1. In the "Category" section, select the "Gift & Flowers" heading.
  2. In the "Countries" section, select the country "Netherlands".
  3. Click on the "Include" button to add the country to the list.
  4. Note: if you wish to add multiple countries at once, hold down the 'Ctrl' key and roll the mouse scroll wheel to select all required countries. If for some reason you do not wish to have a specific country displayed, simply remove it from the 'Shipping / available services' drop down menu, and click 'Exclude'.

  5. At the end, click on the "Success" button to start filtering.

After processing your request system below will give you a list of advertisers who fit your criteria.


As you can see on the screenshot below, under the name of each advertiser is indicated which category it belongs to (in our case, "Gift & Flowers") and a link to the website so that you can review the portal of the advertiser before connecting it to yourself. In addition to this, in the column "Paid order" indicates what you will get for cooperation with each of the advertisers. When pointing to the icon in the column "Ad Country", can learn in which countries works advertiser and in the column "Status" indicates your status (about them talk a little later). Besides, you also can find more detailed information about an offer advertiser by clicking on the button next to it.


Next, you'll need to send a request to add the advertiser to the "My Advertisers" list in order to start working with them. You can do this by clicking on a "Send request" button beside advertisers that look interesting to you. If you want to add several advertisers at once, place a checkmark next to each of them and click on a "Request to selected" button.


After confirming in the popup window you are sent back to the «Category» tab to add more advertisers. When all necessary advertisers are added, we move on the the «My advertisers» tab. There will be displayed all your advertisers including whom have been sent a request. The latest can be found on the «waiting» tab.


If you have changed your mind about adding your advertisers to the list, you can press on the remove button to cancel this request.

Statuses of cooperation with advertisers

В нашей системе есть 5 статусов:
  • No relation - displayed when the advertiser has not yet been added to the "My advertisers" list;
  • Accepted – displayed in case of successful addition;
  • Waiting - shown when a request to add an advertiser has just been sent;
  • Stopped – displayed when you temporarily stop cooperation with a certain advertiser;
  • Canceled – displayed when you have disabled cooperation with a certain advertiser.

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