The next tool we're going to discuss is banner ads. This is one of the most popular types of advertising, and in this article we will look at how to set up a banner and profit from it.

How to Set Up A Profitable Banner Ad Campaign

Last updated on May 05, 2022 г

In order to start working with banners you need to have a minimum of 1 advertiser in the "Offers" section. This can be seen in the tab "My advertisers" of this section and near a specific advertiser is the status of "accepted"

When you're satisfied that everything is in order, move on to the next step - configuring the list of banners for your site. To do this, go to "Links" subsection "Banners".

After the page loads, you will open a panel where you can set up advertising for each advertiser. Let's figure out how to set everything up and add an ad unit to your site.

As you can see, this advertiser (AliExpress) has 55 different banners in five different languages in our affiliate network "Affpool" (in the "Advertiser" block next to the name). These banners are all further divided into five different sizes for the convenience of affiliates.

To create a banner ad, we provide you with three ways.
  1. The easiest one. Enter the name of the creative (this will be the name of our ad block), choose the size, check the box next to each banner you like, and click save. As you can see, we haven't edited any country, language or content across this ad block on the right. This means that when inserted into your site, this ad block will only show these 3 banners in all countries and languages that are allowed by the advertiser. They will have the same link, but the picture will only change when the page refreshes.
  2. A little more complicated, but with much more precise settings. Here, we will add the country, the language and change the links to something more suitable for us. In addition, when you click on the "Edit" button , a pop-up window opens, in which you can configure where and when these banners will be shown. And with the "Devices" button (in the same window), you can set banners to show on all computers and devices (gray slider), on computers (red) or mobile devices (green). You can also set the auto-changing of banners. If you have more than one banner you can use the "Jet" button to open a popup and change the time interval at which they will change.

    Important! The minimum time for changing display banners is 21 seconds.

    Then click on "Create links" and wait for the formation of iframe-code, which is inserted on your site.

  3. If you want to make a banner ad of certain size with country targeting, use the button "AI Links" for this purpose. This tool selects all banners of each advertiser of given size and creates iframe code, by means of which they are displayed on the site. Besides, you can make a separate selection of banners that will work only on mobile devices. To do that you just need to select the size of the banners, put a checkmark next to the "AI Links" button and click on the last one. Then all is left is to insert the generated code in site and start earning.

Embed code on the site, number of clicks and commission

Once you click the "Create Links" button, the system creates a program code for each block of banners. You can find your links in "My Diplinks".

This report shows when the ad unit was created, its name in your control panel, as well as the program code itself, which should be copied and pasted to the desired location on your website.

In the following columns you will have key performance indicator (KPI) for each of your ad units that show you how well each unit is doing. In addition, if necessary, you can always see the statistics for all the pictures separately from each ad unit (using button), change ( ) or delete them altogether ( ).

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