The Affpool affiliate marketing system has another useful tool that will help affiliates make more money from their online resources.

What is the Custom Iframe tool

Last updated on May 16, 2022

This tool combines the most popular tools of our service, such as banners (pictures), video and constructor, in the settings you can select each of them, so you can create your perfect iframe.


If you want to quickly set up a banner, video, or ad in constructor mode, the "Custom" tool will help you with that. Custom Iframe does just what it says it does and saves webmasters time.

How to work with this tool

To use this tool, go to the "Links" section, subsection "Custom Iframe" in the webmaster's personal cabinet.


Custom Iframe First, you have to choose what kind of advertising you're wanting to install on your site. Depending on what you choose, the system will give you a set of settings. For example, if you choose "Banners/images", the settings will be like on the first screenshot. As you can see, they are identical to the settings in the "Banners" subsection. It's the same with the rest of them.

But when it comes to setting up these types of advertising, it's a breeze. You can create all of them at the same time, without having to move from one subsection to another. We won't look at the settings themselves because they've already been discussed in detail in our blog. Instead we'll examine the result of all settings in the tool. This way we'll be able to see how all three types of ad units are set up here. And in order not to confuse which block is which, each of them will be named as such (Banners, Video, Constructor).


You still have all the options for each deep link, just like in the regular version, only they are all in one place, not scattered in different subsections.


With the Custom-Iframe you just have to insert the Iframe-code in the prepared places on your website or publish diplinks on your pages in social networks and watch money roll in.

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