Another option for creating attractive ads is the “Constructor”. With this tool affiliates can create banners of any advertiser for its Internet resource and increase the profit with it.

How to work with the Constructor

Last updated on May 25, 2022

Working with this tool consists of two stages: setting up the type of banners and setting up the displays of created banners on your Internet resource.

Important! Before you start, make sure that you have connected advertisers. This can be done in the section "Proposals" item "My advertisers". Status of active advertisers should be "accepted". If you haven't added them yet, then you can find how to do it here >.

The first stage is setting up the appearance of banners

So, in order to carry out the first stage, you need to go to the “Link Tools” section, “Constructor” subsection.


Choose an advertiser for whom you will make advertising, as well as the language in which it will be shown to the users of your Internet resource. For example, let's make an advertisement for a popular online auction "Ebay."


Next, you need to add pictures for our advertising using the "Images and logos" button (pictures can be selected from any available Internet source).


In the window that opens, click on the "Upload files" button and select previously prepared images on your computer. Once uploaded, the images will appear below.


As you may have noticed, the large and small image displaying options appear next to each uploaded picture. They are needed to set the correct displaying of the uploaded picture in the ad unit. In this case, the first icon is responsible for the large image in the banner, and the second - for the thumbnail.

Note: You can upload multiple images for each banner. One image will be replaced by another after a few seconds of display. You can also upload up to 15 images for the big picture and up to 5 (e.g., logos) for the thumbnail."

When all the editing is done and saved, go to the "Your Assets" tab. This tab displays all the prepared pictures in two columns. The first column is for your designer picture, the second is a thumbnail (logo).


To display the pictures in the banner, check the box next to each one you want and click on "Save Changes". After you save your changes, your pictures will appear in the preview block on the right and be ready for publishing.


The next step is to add text information for the banner. This includes titles, long title, description, business name.


Here is how it will be on each of the banners:


Tip: Each text block should preferably be filled with the simplest possible words with a selling style. Here you can use phrases like "affordable price," "high quality," "best offer," etc.

The last step will be setting up the design of the button on which visitors will go. The system offers 5 different variants of the button with the ability to add text.


Note: Upload up to five different headers, descriptions, and navigation buttons per ad unit. In this case, each option of these items and buttons will change along with the uploaded pictures. In case you have only one picture loaded (large and thumbnail) and several headlines, descriptions and/or buttons added, they will change within a few seconds.

If everything is done as it should, click on the "Save" button and proceed to the second stage of the settings.

The second stage is setting up ad impressions

For the next steps, you need to go to the "Custom Iframe" section.


There in the filter, select the desired advertiser and click "Constructor". If you have a lot of different banners in different languages, you can select the desired one from the paragraph "Language" and the system will automatically filter out everything you need.

From there, everything is done according to the usual algorithm:
  • fill in the name of the creative;
  • choose the banner size;
  • from the proposed list of banners, put a tick in front of those that we want to place on our Internet resource;
  • if necessary, set the time and region of ad impressions using the button for the entire list of banners or for specific ones;
  • if necessary, set the automatic update of banners without reloading the site page using the button;
  • save the settings with the button.

At the end, copy the iframe code of the created creative and paste it on your web resource.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated here. A few minutes of work and advertising is ready to earn money for you. Therefore, we do not waste time, create our own banners and go ahead for profit!

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